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Slack Channel

Slack Channel

We have opened a ‘channel’ on Slack for discussions around tech in Newry.

First Time SignUp Instructions:

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address and click ‘Get My Invite’
  • Your request will be queued and after manual approval should be accepted so be patient it could take a few hours!
  • When approved you will receive an email and you should click the ‘Sign-In’ link
  • Complete the registration process by choosing a password

Signing In

Finding the Newry Channel

  • After logging in click the word ‘Channels’ in the left menu (not the + icon!)
  • The Browse channels screen will appear. Type ‘newry’ into the search box:
  • Click ‘#newry’ and in the screen that opens click the ‘Join’ button. This channel will be added to your list of channels in the left menu.
  • Send a message!