Newry Digital Dojo

The Newry Digital Dojo is a coding club for kids between the ages of 9 and 16. The Hub on Margaret Street in Newry kindly provide their space for our sessions and our mentors volunteer their time. All the resources used in our sessions are available on the dedicated website and events are published on Facebook and EventBrite.

The aim of the sessions is to provide a welcoming, friendly atmosphere for kids from all backgrounds in the area around Newry .


  • Jonny McCullagh
  • Joe McKevitt
  • Margaret O’Connor
  • Martin O’Donnell

Coder Dojo

The Newry Digital Dojo sessions were for many years under the banner of Coder Dojo. I have found the Coder Dojo movement somewhat political and self-serving recently. Rather than giving up on doing these sessions I felt that autonomy from the Coder Dojo movement would be better.